10 Reasons Why Top 10 Lists Captivate the Internet & Wielding Their Strength in Copywriting

10 Reasons Why Top 10 Lists Captivate the Internet & Wielding Their Strength in Copywriting

Top number lists differ in size and topic, but their allure, accessibility and impact online are unmistakable. More to the point, some of the best and most-engaging qualities translate to the art of copywriting.

The Power of Top 10 Lists

Top 10 lists prove to be a fantastic bridge to reach out to and connect with audiences, sharing insights, facts and opinions on multiple subjects. Furthermore, this format can be used as an opportunity to formally introduce audiences to authors, displaying common curiosities or professional interests.

Through these lists, authors build a sense of familiarity with readers by exploring a topic that their audience already shows interest in.

Here are the top 10 reasons people enjoy top 10 lists and how to incorporate their strengths and principles into copywriting:


Top 10 Lists are a Shortcut to Understanding an Author

The topics present within a top 10 list express volumes about what the author places significance on. In most cases, the title alone offers readers a direct path to what subjects are valued by the content creator, planting seeds of growing interest in the author.

When applying this concept to copywriting, replace the idea of understanding the author with understanding the company that the copy represents. Emphasizing WHO the company is and WHY they provide their service or products adds character to business copy.


Readers Know Exactly What They’re Getting Into

The internet beams with an endless wealth of fascinating material to watch and read. However, in reality, the time to explore the vast reaches of digital content proves limited. In turn, top 10 lists’ titles and headings signify what the reader will encounter before and after clicking on the list.

To offer this experience to clients, focus on developing headings that inform and entice, prompting further reading. Successfully implementing this strategy in the creation of titles and headings signifies what’s to come, generating client interest in the following content.


Top 10 Lists Are Concise

Indeed, some of the most popular content on the internet is served in small, bite-sized articles and videos. Subsequently, top 10 lists cater to audiences looking to get the most out of their time online. Moreover, their brevity makes it easy to pause and revisit at the reader’s leisure.

Let’ be honest, not every service, product or company description can be summed up in one paragraph — and that’s okay. However, through careful word selection, the size of copy can be vastly reduced. Say the most about a topic in the least amount of words possible, eliminating fluff.


Top 10 Lists can Educate Readers

Possibly the most important objective for readers of a top 10 list is to learn the best way to complete a task or to gather more information about what makes an item of interest better than others. Guided by these lists, readers can better understand why each item is so special.

Employing this strategy varies from company to company, but the general idea is to educate clients with tangible data relating to the service provided. Just as top 10 lists should be constructed with research, if possible, offer credible data to inform clients about the importance of the company’s respective industry.


Top 10 Lists are Well-Organized

Ever ran through a poorly-optimized blog post, article or video and quickly lost the plot? Top 10 lists remedy this by integrating a logical structure and pace to a post. As a result, readers can navigate content and backtrack whenever necessary.

Whether copywriting is intended for business websites, brochures, blogs or emails, the presentation of the content is the first detail clients notice. To invite readers to actually read copy, draft or — at least — envision a structural outline before writing to ensure the copy is properly-organized.


Top 10 Lists Offer Readers Options

When searching for top 10 lists, readers are trying to discover more information about their subject of interest. Organizing and separating each point offers readers a variety of options to examine in further detail and understand more about how every item on the list earned its spot.

While developing copy for a company, view the product or service through the eyes of potential clients, and more importantly, its different applications. With this approach, copy can reach more clients by presenting them with a variety of uses of a company’s goods.


Top 10 Lists are Extremely Flexible

Perhaps, one of the greatest strengths of top 10 lists is their versatility. As a predefined format, these lists can be applied to any subject imaginable, and it’s this flexibility that typifies their prominence online as well as in an assortment of media platforms.

Copywriting typically involves working with other intermediaries, including website developers, graphic designers and other specialized groups. Subsequently, the copy’s initial format may need to be altered. To account for this, create copy flexible enough to fit within evolving design specifications.


Readers can Effortlessly Skim Top 10 Lists

Catchy titles and short blurbs are the bread and butter of most top 10 lists. More often than not, these lists are short and sweet, satisfying readers through the inclusion of skimmable content suited to satiate the needs of those on the go.

Similar tactics can be employed in copywriting to create a skimmable experience for clients. Bolden key words or phrases in paragraphs, so clients get the gist of what is being said. You can also include bullet points or numbered lists to highlight the brand’s most important features.


Top 10 Lists Illustrate Value

Equally as important as the content that makes it on a top 10 list are the items that authors leave on the cutting room floor. This battle for space represents exclusivity and naturally establishes a hierarchy of material that ranks the value of some items over others.

To illustrate a product or service’s value, copy must clearly state the benefits of the goods it’s representing. Zeroing in on the real-world applications of a product and services allows clients to understand how offerings specifically benefit them. The key is concise copy — free of sweeping generalizations / irrelevant info.


Top 10 Lists Engage Readers

At the core of top 10 lists is entertainment. Even an educational list can grab reader attention and create an amusing experience by introducing new ideas or building off a reader’s preexisting fascination with a particular topic.

Top 10 lists create engaging experiences by speaking to the heart of the reader’s intrigue. Clients are searching for solutions designed to solve their unique problems. By faithfully reflecting client pain points, copy builds trust and charts a path from conversation to conversion.

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