Emails & Newsletters

Create Connections With Clients

Want to keep your clients updated with a company news or upcoming sale or event? If so, our web copywriting services are for you. At Doing Write Copywriting, LLC, we consult with you to create email campaigns and newsletters for client outreach. More importantly, we create personalized messages that reflect your client base. 

If you need a template for an email campaign or want to speak to your clients one-on-one, our words generate opportunities for meaningful communication.

One-on-One Client Emails

In many cases, businesses require emails tailored to the specific needs of a client. Whether you are selling a service, offering a thank you or sending a message designed encourage repeat business, let our writing do the talking.

Here are a few examples of why you might want an engaging email:

  • Ask for a case study
  • Submit a survey
  • Upselling services

Email Campaigns

For some businesses, email campaigns act as the primary point of contact for customers. Give your client the impression that this email is specifically designed for them. Sending quality emails provides you with more opportunities to reach clients. Enlist our copywriting today and dodge the dreaded spam folder.


Differing from standard email copy, these grant your business the ability to send detailed solicited information to a client who has already displayed interest by subscribing to your newsletter. Take advantage of their interest and maintain close contact.

Are Doing Write Copywriting, LLC’s email and newsletters services right for my company?

Are you:

  • communicating with customers mostly or partially through email?
  • trying to build a successful email campaign?
  • wanting to send personalized messages to new or returning clients?
  • looking for new ways to upsell?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or would like to know more, call or message us today.