Press Releases

Make a Formal Announcement

Formal and functional, press releases grant your business a platform to share your news or product rollout with media outlets and publications. If your business is pursuing a robust public relations strategy, these short documents provide a unique route to connect with others. At Doing Write Copywriting, LLC, we craft eye-catching press releases to build your brand recognition.

Why Press Releases Matter?

Press releases offer unique opportunities outside of your company website to inform others of important events and prove to be an indispensable point of point of contact between media and clients. Highly versatile, press releases are easily distributed compared to other promotional material and provide quick access to crucial information.

Press Release Format

When you hand a media outlet a press release, they expect a brief, informational document, highlighting news about your company. To write a successful press release, it is imperative to develop convincing content within the proper format.

Are Doing Write Copywriting, LLC’s press release services right for my company?

Are you:

  • promoting company news or product rollouts?
  • looking for a simple way to distribute information to media outlets?
  • integrating high-quality writing alongside data points?
  • promoting your business offsite?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or would like to know more, call or message us today.