Terms and Conditions

Whether or not you purchase any service(s) from Doing Write Copywriting, LLC, we maintain copyright of our all writing on this website as well as our secondary websites and social media accounts.

Upon purchasing any service(s) from Doing Write Copywriting, LLC, you hereby agree to all of our terms of services as outlined on our website Doingwrite.com as well as its contracts.


Until full-payment for our services is secured, Doing Write Copywriting, LLC, owns 100% of copyright for any and all services rendered. Further, if services purchased result in a chargeback of any form or amount, you relinquish any and all rights (including copyright) of our services and/or content.

While Doing Write Copywriting, LLC retains the copyright for our writing services, publishing, reproducing, changing, and/or distributing any of the content presented to you is strictly forbidden; this applies if any chargebacks of purchased services.

Upfront Payments

All writing services must be paid in full (including all fees or taxes if applicable) before Doing Write Copywriting, LLC will start any and all projects. For larger projects, we recommend setting up milestones.

Refund Policy

Doing Write Copywriting, LLC offers full refunds for projects that have not been started. However, once we begin writing, refunds will not be issued for any project.


Within 14 days of submitting our writing to you for a paid project, you receive the option to request revisions to the content that we have provided during that specific project. After the 14-day period has passed, your ability to pursue revisions is revoked.

What revisions DO cover

 – Reasonable rephrasing of written material

 – Reasonable additions to content already submitted for the project.

 – Grammar checks

What revisions DO NOT cover

 – Complete or major rewrites of written content provided by our service.

 – Substantial additions to content already submitted for the project.

Doing Write Copywriting, LLC, solely retains the right to discern what constitutes as major, substantial or reasonable within our stated terms of services — especially regarding revisions.

Our Portfolio

Depending on the project, Doing Write Copywriting, LLC may request that the you allow our company to include portions of or the entire project that we have completed in our professional portfolio. Upon your approval, we gain the right to display any portions of the project on the website Doingwrite.com and/or any other media we choose to post it on.

However, if services you purchased result in a chargeback of any form or amount, we regain full ownership and copyright to the content, reserving the right to post it anywhere (digitally or physically) at our sole discretion.

Legal Liability

Upon purchasing our services, you agree that Doing Write Copywriting, LLC is in no way responsible for any damages (digital, physical or otherwise) or legal disputes as a result of our writing or services.